Saturday, 5 April 2014

Retro Ladylike and Lovely

If you are a follower of this blog you will know that we worship ladylike manners, dress and general being. Sure we like to "bling" it up, but at our core client is a lady with impeccable, fashion style manners and etiquette.

This post is dedicated to our hard working ladies (and some men) who worship "ladylike".

Kate Moss for LV

Hailey Clauson for Vogue Russia Jan 2012 (Chanel)
Hailey Clauson in classic boucle (Chanel)

Hailey Clauson with the dark 90's lips Jan 2012 (Chanel)
Peach pink perfection from Elle Magazine

If your selfies are this good then it is OK.
Ignore any meanness or if some "nobody" something you don't agree with, let them go with it. React with grace and stay focused on your own personal goals. They want a reaction. Be the bigger person.

Love champagne colours.
Ladylike from Dior #PFW
 Being a lady isn't just about manners. It's about the way you carry yourself, relate with others (personally and in business, in person and online) behaving in an ethical manner and treating other as you woudl treat yourself and looking fabulous white you are doing it. Be honest, transparent and smile.
Siri Tollerød Louis Vuitton | by Marcin Tyszka L’Officiel

Some Ladylike online tips

Your comments and posts follow your forever. If you wouldn't say it with your nanna in the room you shouldn't say it on social media. Just imagine your nanna reading your posts.

What is the general "vibe" of your posting? Is it positive or negative? Hold your beliefs, spread the word on worthy causes,but balance your any negative posts with success stories and joy.

Never tag an unattractive photo. It's just common sense. if you wouldn't make 3000 photocopies and give them out in the street, you probably shouldn't tag. Don't tag your friends doing shots, dancing on tables or worse. Or post "selfies"of yourself doing the same. (your new client not going to love that on Instagram or Twitter).