Saturday, 5 April 2014

Laduree - My Favourite Place to Indulge

Gorgeous illustration that epitomises the culture of Laduree.

Gift packages to make a girl feel loved.

Even the delivery truck is stylish.

Unmissable and beautiful.

And the say it what's inside that counts... pftft.

It's not just about macarons.

Everything is so pretty.

How do french women stay slim?????

A colour palette send from heaven

Eeny meany miny mo....

Every detail inside is impeccable and glamorous

From the Laduree website.
How does a girl decide?

I felt like a princess at Laduree, everything was divine.

This left the plate and into our tummies very quickly.

Even our little bar had roses.

It's all in the presentation at Laduree
 I took my daughter Charlotte to Paris last year. One about day 3 we made the pilgimage to the flagship store of Laduree on Champs-Élysées. It was like seeing a celebrity to me. I have drooled over the packaging, products, decor and external store for year, and here I was, face to face with a classic icon, a paragon of loveliness.

There was was queue out the door, but we opted to head inside to the gorgeous little bar, which was practically empty, and indulge in our macaron fantasy. We weren't disappointed. Everything was heavenly. Swizzle sticks, roses, napkins, everything was lovely. 

Charlotte needed to bathroom so we headed upstairs to the most beautiful bathroom in the world. I mean it.I could have sat in there for days. It smelt like roses, the decor was lovely and there were even chairs for waiting patrons.

If you do one thing in Paris as a mother and daughter trip visit Laduree for a coffee and macaron.