Friday, 11 April 2014

How To Be Lady Like
I'm always aware of manners and etiquette in my day to day activities. I'm not perfect and always break my rules, but I try. I put in an effort each day to carry myself in a way that imbues compassion, consideration and a genuine care for others.

Being lady like is not about being prissy or precious.

Lady like actions include:

  • Holding doors for people, especially elderly, injured or disabled (I experienced a lack of compassion after my latest knee operation with people getting impatient with my lack of speed, one person even knocking into me in their busy day. I literally had to wear crutches as a sign saying "injured" so people would give me a wide berth).
  • Never take a man shopping. If I need to explain this, try it once. You'll realise why you should never do it.
  • If someone compliments your outfits/bag/shoes and asks where they are from, tell them. Especially if you got them on sale.
  • Don't talk on your mobile phone on public transport. 
  • Always write texts and emails carefully as they don't get across your manner or attitude and can be misread.
  • Pay your bills (even if you have to do it over time). People who act unethically towards suppliers no ladies.
  •  Be honest yet compassionate.
  • Go the extra step every time.

Dress Like You Care

  • Try not to get about in wrinkled, dirty, sloppy, and mismatched clothes. 
  • Don't wear gym gear in public unless you are going too or from the gym or getting milk for your latte from the nearest quik-e-mart.
  • Plan your outfits, clothing, accessories and shoes. Try not to just pick up what's on your "floordrobe" and throw it on.
  • Stick to classics and what works for your figure.
  • Leave a bit to the imagination. A real lady won't show all her assets in public if you get my drift.

Posture - For Poise and Your Health 

Have you ever seen a princess or a queen or even a first lady slouching? Nope. Ladies always carry themselves with dignity and style. Imagine there is an invisible string pulling you up by the top of the head. Not only is this more elegant visually but it is good for your posture in preventing later spinal problems. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way, slumping over computer screens, ending up with osteoarthritis and spinal surgery.

Try to avoid walk in a purposeful and smooth manner, not stomping or scuffling alone. And please,  sit with your ankles crossed, not legs and keep your knee together.

Vocal Matters

Keep your voice gentle and kind. Never scream or shout, even if the other person is. Be assertive not aggressive with your voice. Speak clearly so other people can understand you easily. The key to being a lady vocally is to sound pleasant, even and clear.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Be a lady in your activities. Don't just give it lip service. Don't moan or criticise others, lead by example and hopefully they will take the hint. Let you actions define you.
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