Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gym-spiration (Sunday morning motivation)

It's a rainy Sunday morning and frankly the LAST thing I want to do is work out. I have a new palette from Too Faced I want to play with. I have sewing I want to do. I have a logo to bling. I pretty much want to anything except the gym. BUT if I don't go to the gym:
  1. my knee won't get better
  2. I will feel guilty as sin and be depresses and cranky all day
  3. I will let down my 12 year old daughter who come with me
  4. I won't lose the weight I want to for a wedding in August 
  5. I won't lose weight for the 2nd stage of my knee reconstruction in August.

Being visual I response to visual inspiration. Looking at inspiring images gets me fired up. Think, Flashdance "She's a Maniac" or the theme from Rocky.

Some people might think "fitspiration" #fitspo is dangerous. Well frankly I'd rather be fit that fat. I am not talking about working out 3 times a day. I'm talking about get out of bed and doing a moderate workout on the bike/cross trainer/rowing machine where a sweat a little and lift the endorphins, not those people I see crazy rope flinging or pushing gym furniture around the gym floor. So take my motivation with moderation, and just get moving, but don't get crazy. It will only get you injured or turn you off later.

I had a personal trainer of this ilk and frankly, I think it contributed to my arthritis and the spinal surgery I subsequently needed. No more crazy leaping around for me.

I have compiled a collection of some gym-spiration to fire you up this morning:

Female Fitness Models | Facebook
So off I do, in my Lorna Jane gear and Nike trainers, yes my training colours are always black and pink. Enjoy your Sunday!