Sunday, 20 April 2014

Vogue Editorial - Wonderland Chic with Mia Wasikowska

Australian Vogue editorial shot by the very talented Emma Summerton.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Louis Vuitton Handbag Spring 2014 Ad Campaign

Published: Apr 11, 2014 • References: louisvuitton and elle

Published: Apr 11, 2014 • References: louisvuitton and elle

Published: Apr 11, 2014 • References: louisvuitton and elle

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wheels and Dollbaby Had To Share....

Wheels and Dollbaby here...
Exquisitely faux fur plush jacket is a winter luxury you can't live without. Constructed from a luxurious French imported faux fur in playful thick length is perfect for the ultimate 50s glamour girl. In a delectable shade of powder pink, Luxe Fur Coat is entirely hand-made to perfection. Long rolling panels of dense faux fur cinch at the waist for added slim-fit. Perfectly worn thrown open or buttoned up, this classic style features chic plush collar, and is fully lined in divinely soft satin to match. Luxe Fur Coat has full-length sleeves, front fur hook closure and is lined in satin.

I am officially in love. I'd even wear it in summer. In fact I think I have a lilac one just like it in the '80's when I worked in Dotti (my first job in a boutique).

Make Up Trends from 2013

Photographers ViCOOLya and SAIDA
Published: Dec 4, 2013 • References: scarlet-moon1.deviantart and neatorama
Special effects pro Rick Baker has teamed up with makeup giant MAC
photographer Camille Sanson

photographer Camille Sanson

photographer Camille Sanson
Beauty from Estonia by Reanne Derkson is Perfect for Winter
Published: Oct 2, 2013 • References: etsy and etsy

Published: Oct 2, 2013 • References: etsy and etsy

GSD&Ms 'Walgreens Beauty' Ads

Using 3 different collage/painterly images of women's faces made up of product, this campaign was made by advertising agency GSD&M in the United States. This creative and unique approach was promoting new on-site beauty advisors to "help you choose the perfect beauty accessories to liven up your routine.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Staying Healthy, Happy & Holistic When Self Employed

I tell people that I run my own small company, and the reaction is always the same "Wow, you are so lucky! You get to see your daughter more, you have flexible work hours, you are your own boss" I make a joke that my boss is a bitch.

I then try to describe the business to them. It's "um err, I am a graphic designer" (they think I go lawn moving flyers for local businesses), or "I am an art director" (they think I am off the set of Mad Men), or "I run a small company that saw a need to market women's businesses and started a site to test the water and haven't looked back" and they look dumbfounded. They then ask me how I "get" my work. I describe it is the opposite approach that businesses find me from all over the world, in a range of timezones and cultures.

I often find myself working Saturday (Friday night in USA and UK), night time (my developer is in London) and first thing in the morning UK and USA time zone friendly hours. This is not only exhausting but it is bad business not to set those business hours boundaries.

So how does "wow you are so lucky!" get to "I'm soo tried all the time" and you can barely lift your feet at the end of the day and how can you become "lucky" again?
  1. Set business hours 8 per day. Doesn't have to be 9 - 5 but time track your hours.
  2. Find time for exercise - the benefits of which are in another blog post to come.
  3. Eat lunch somewhere other than your desk.
  4. Stretch and use a lumbar support cushion.
  5. Be firm with clients, don't take calls outside work hours and never give clients your mobile. Those types of clients, the ones that take up all your valuable design and home time on the phone are in many cases the once that will come back and bite you on the bum. ("but you said" - on Saturday when i was at the supermarket carrying groceries). Be wary of this breed of client and manage their expectations of your time.
  6. Don't answer emails outside working hours except if vital to the success of the business.
  7. Make your office space personal and inspiring with a pin board, books and photos.
  8. Go to bed at a reasonable hour - get 8 hour sleep if you can.
  9. Avoid booze/ciggie etc - I don't need to tell you why. They aren't the problem, only the symptom.
  10. Maintain a healthy weight.
It might seem obvious but if I forgot to do it and I am supposed to be an "business expert" chances are some of you out there might need a reminder. Night night lovelies...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Make it happen

Got a big idea?

Get motivated, and make it happen!

Be clear about what you want and get the facts
Firstly, make sure your idea is something achievable, realistic and not based on uncontrollable factors such as "if i was a millionaire.." or "if i win the lottery..". This doesn't mean you cant take risks and aim high. If it were easy everyone would be doing it, and you would have already done it. To make it work you've got to be prepared to do your research, accept the challenges, and go for it.
Be sure not to be naive, make sure you put the time and effort into research (making lists, talking to people and thinking everything through), your dreams not going anywhere in a hurry, so take the time to learn the pros and cons of your big idea.

More often than not, its fear that prevents us from going after our dreams. Its so easy to get stuck in the old school mind set of getting a job, paying the mortgage, supporting your family and work towards a retirement. Usually getting a job you will actually enjoy is not the highest priority on most peoples lists. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. 

Break it down
The idea of starting your own business can seem very overwhelming. Break it down into steps, no matter how small they are and start working towards your goal. 
Write down your steps with a time frame to complete them in so you can check them off. Ticking off a step gives a sense of achievement and you can look back at how far you've come if you start to feel the pressure.

Just do it. One of the hardest parts is getting motivated to get up and go for it. Its too easy to take the easy option and put it off to do something else. Your goal is not going to achieve itself, and no one else can do it for you. If you really want it, go for it.

Put yourself out there
Networking is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. You never know who your going to meet! Don't be afraid to ask questions, most lessons are learned from personal experience, so seek out people who have been there and done that, they might be able to teach you a few tips and tricks along the way!

Accept failure
Accept that if you are taking a risk, you may also experience some failures. This is normal, and you will learn from your mistakes. Try and see the failure as feedback. Learn from your mistakes and move on, its the only way you will improve.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Gym-spiration (Sunday morning motivation)

It's a rainy Sunday morning and frankly the LAST thing I want to do is work out. I have a new palette from Too Faced I want to play with. I have sewing I want to do. I have a logo to bling. I pretty much want to anything except the gym. BUT if I don't go to the gym:
  1. my knee won't get better
  2. I will feel guilty as sin and be depresses and cranky all day
  3. I will let down my 12 year old daughter who come with me
  4. I won't lose the weight I want to for a wedding in August 
  5. I won't lose weight for the 2nd stage of my knee reconstruction in August.

Being visual I response to visual inspiration. Looking at inspiring images gets me fired up. Think, Flashdance "She's a Maniac" or the theme from Rocky.

Some people might think "fitspiration" #fitspo is dangerous. Well frankly I'd rather be fit that fat. I am not talking about working out 3 times a day. I'm talking about get out of bed and doing a moderate workout on the bike/cross trainer/rowing machine where a sweat a little and lift the endorphins, not those people I see crazy rope flinging or pushing gym furniture around the gym floor. So take my motivation with moderation, and just get moving, but don't get crazy. It will only get you injured or turn you off later.

I had a personal trainer of this ilk and frankly, I think it contributed to my arthritis and the spinal surgery I subsequently needed. No more crazy leaping around for me.

I have compiled a collection of some gym-spiration to fire you up this morning:

Female Fitness Models | Facebook
So off I do, in my Lorna Jane gear and Nike trainers, yes my training colours are always black and pink. Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, 11 April 2014

How To Be Lady Like
I'm always aware of manners and etiquette in my day to day activities. I'm not perfect and always break my rules, but I try. I put in an effort each day to carry myself in a way that imbues compassion, consideration and a genuine care for others.

Being lady like is not about being prissy or precious.

Lady like actions include:

  • Holding doors for people, especially elderly, injured or disabled (I experienced a lack of compassion after my latest knee operation with people getting impatient with my lack of speed, one person even knocking into me in their busy day. I literally had to wear crutches as a sign saying "injured" so people would give me a wide berth).
  • Never take a man shopping. If I need to explain this, try it once. You'll realise why you should never do it.
  • If someone compliments your outfits/bag/shoes and asks where they are from, tell them. Especially if you got them on sale.
  • Don't talk on your mobile phone on public transport. 
  • Always write texts and emails carefully as they don't get across your manner or attitude and can be misread.
  • Pay your bills (even if you have to do it over time). People who act unethically towards suppliers no ladies.
  •  Be honest yet compassionate.
  • Go the extra step every time.

Dress Like You Care

  • Try not to get about in wrinkled, dirty, sloppy, and mismatched clothes. 
  • Don't wear gym gear in public unless you are going too or from the gym or getting milk for your latte from the nearest quik-e-mart.
  • Plan your outfits, clothing, accessories and shoes. Try not to just pick up what's on your "floordrobe" and throw it on.
  • Stick to classics and what works for your figure.
  • Leave a bit to the imagination. A real lady won't show all her assets in public if you get my drift.

Posture - For Poise and Your Health 

Have you ever seen a princess or a queen or even a first lady slouching? Nope. Ladies always carry themselves with dignity and style. Imagine there is an invisible string pulling you up by the top of the head. Not only is this more elegant visually but it is good for your posture in preventing later spinal problems. Trust me, I learnt this the hard way, slumping over computer screens, ending up with osteoarthritis and spinal surgery.

Try to avoid walk in a purposeful and smooth manner, not stomping or scuffling alone. And please,  sit with your ankles crossed, not legs and keep your knee together.

Vocal Matters

Keep your voice gentle and kind. Never scream or shout, even if the other person is. Be assertive not aggressive with your voice. Speak clearly so other people can understand you easily. The key to being a lady vocally is to sound pleasant, even and clear.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Be a lady in your activities. Don't just give it lip service. Don't moan or criticise others, lead by example and hopefully they will take the hint. Let you actions define you.
Dita hits the flea market


Charlotte Olympia's Web

Charlotte Olympia designs embue classic sophistication with a meticulous attention to detail.

Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, iconic styles such as the Dolly with its signature 'island' platform, the distinctive Kitty flats and perspex Pandora clutch box are in keeping with the brand's feminine design philosophy.

All Charlotte Olympia's pieces are painstakingly handmade in Italy using the finest materials. Each shoe has the signature gold spider's web on the sole. The brand's leopard prints, fan detailing and arresting use of colour have quickly become modern design classics, and must have for fashion mavens.
Images via and text referenced from

More Shoe Porn

Butterfly sandals in leather and metal, Sergio Rossi | LBV
Found on

Loubis found on

Louboutin shoes
Jimmy Choos found on
Jimmy Choo
Sigh...I think I want to have my ACL knee reconstruction so I can wear heels again, not so much skiing (which is what I tell every one and sure I want to be able to ski again - I love the gear and fancy sunnies) but truly, my secret motivation for knee rehab is to be able to wear a pair of beautiful and crazy expensive shoes. I'm taking donations.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hand drawn Illustrations

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

EM_BarbieCalendar_05d by on Flickr

Via Alana Ladson

Girls by Alena Demicheva on Behance
Fashion illustration is making a come back. After years of technically proficient computer illustration I think the world wants authenticity, hand drawn illustration that show skill and talent. The above it my cross section of illustrations that captured my attention.