Sunday, 15 December 2013

All the colours of Christmas

The holiday season is upon us once more, another year gone! 
Each year, Christmas is a great excuse to get creative and playing with colours in a great way to start.
So if your like me and feel like getting creative this year, but need a bit of inspiration to get you started, here it is.

 Not the most traditional colour, but complimented with white, it has a beautiful and femanine feel to it. The pale pink looks almost fairy like, perfect for a girl orientated house! 

Another femanine approach is purple, although purple compliments green a bit more than pink and has a royal feel to it. Purple can be paired with green, silver or blue, or looks just as beautiful on its own. I love the use of the different shades on the tree.

The Christmas colour of the year 2013 is blue, which is beautiful having a very snowy feel to it. It matches us really nicely with silver, giving it that frosty Christmas look.

Maybe you would like to stick to a traditional red this year, it can be paired with gold for a very warm and inviting feeling. I love the over-sized bows on this tree, the more colour the better!

Gold is another traditional Christmas colour. It can be paired with most other colours or looks elegant and beautiful solo. Its a great colour to use if you are most creatively minded as its basically fool-proof. Cant go wrong!

 Green is also a traditional Christmas colour, but only because of the tree, not for its decoration. But I am loving this idea of green on green. Its a very soft approach to decorating your tree as it almost blends into to the tree its self, but give it a nice texture and fullness. 

Maybe not the most used colour, and decorations in this colour may be hard to come across, but if done correctly, orange can be a success as it has the same warm and elegant feeling as gold. The key seems to be minimal. Less is defiantly more in this case.

Probably the most un-traditional colour to use as Christmas, and yellow and green are quite a harsh mix, but below you can see some examples that work. The yellow and white has a very modern feel to it.