Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Monitor Your Boutique Website Traffic

Monitor You Website Traffic
In order to improve your website's performance you need to know how you are ranking currently, in order to set goals and improve your site for Search Engines and visitors. Miss Blossom Design is an expert in high ranking sites and can get you on the road to SEO success. She sets realistic goals for your site, in terms of:
  • the competition
  • the time your can allocate to things like social media, blogging  etc.
  • the reasons you want to rank highly in certain areas or industries.

Most web hosts provide the capability to see how your site is performing, and we also recommend that you sign up for Google Analytics which provides indepth statistics on who, where, how and why visitors are entering and leaving your site.Boutique Graphic and Web Design Portfolio Link
Understanding your visitor in-depth means your can design your content and graphics to suit the majority of visitor browsers, platforms and locations.
Miss Blossom Design Studio try to encourage our clients to be hands-on with site monitoring, as we have found that the more closely a site owner tracks their site, the better that site performs in the long term and the more successful that business or company tends to be.
The idea that a site owner just sets up a site and leaves it, is probably an SEO mistake. In order to drive traffic it is better to engage in social marketing yourself, than to just pay a company to add keywords, and rely on Google Adwords or other paid seach engine advertising. External suppliers of SEO and Advertising have a place in the short term, but for your site to rank well organically (i.e. on it's own) the site needs to engage with visitors through social media, link strategies and/or great up-to-date and relevant content.
You don't need tons of visitors to rank well, but you do need a site that holds a visitors interest, is industry relevant and appropriate, and that visitors return to regularly. Also if other high ranking sites in the same industry link to your site, Search Engines will rank your site more highly.

Recommended sites to monitor sites' ranking and activity

  • Alexa - Free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more for websites.
  • Google Analytics - Enterprise-class web analytics made smarter, friendlier and free.
  • Compete - Marketing Tools for Online Entrepreneurs
Do you need to be able to update your own website? Then perhaps a CMS (Content Management System) would work for you. Miss Blossom Design ™ design and build the "pretty stuff" around a powerful publishing framework, which means you can update your site, leaving you in the driver's seat of your business.