Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Apothecary Packaging Vintage Style Inspration

Boots Skin Tonic, Body Cream, Bath Foam and Cuticle Oil via

Do It Yourself found these printable labels from Eat.Drink.Chic.

Nyals Beauty Balm via Flickr

C.O Bigelow .com since 1838  "Peppermint - The Awe-Inspiring Herbal Mints""

C.O Bigelow .com since 1838 

C.O Bigelow .com since 1838  "Chapped Hands Cleanser"

Apothecary Bottles via Flickr

Misc Medicine Packaging via Flickr

"Queen's Cherrell Dawn Throat Beauty" via Flickr

Printer's ornaments close up via Flickr

Close up showing Printer's Ornaments via Flickr

The Handy Book "Artistic Painting" Via Flickr

Shine Advertising "Dull Be Damned" via Flickr
Whenever I design I always like to look back over the decades at what has worked in the past and why and how I can introduce certain elements to inspire customers to love the brand. I have found that vintage elements make people smile and feel good, perhaps recalling a simpler, more reasonably paced past. In this era of intense innovation, technology, complicated ingredients and the like, people are looking for something that they can relate to, the tactile and the authentic elements. Organic and pure ingredients, packaging that is pretty and triggers that nostalgia for the past.