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What Is Website Hosting?

Request your boutique web design and development quoteMany of our client are new to web design and development and get "hosting" and "registration" mixed up.
  • is when you buy the domain name e.g. ""
  • secures your brand name online
Web hosting
  • is server space with a reputable host company to put the design files (code files and images)
  • allows Blossom® Graphic Design to upload these files to the host server so that the viewer can view through the use of s web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and above)
  • server space is called web hosting.
If you are a new business you will need both web hosting and domain registration to have a website.

Boutique Web Hosting Considerations

  • Book in a design project for your feminine boutique businessServer performance - a business needs a web hosting server that is reliable and fast. Web hosting access speed can be tested in advance for free.
  • Bandwidth - the number of people viewing your site will affect the bandwidth needed for your website. Some hosts will disable your site if it exceeds the bandwidth allowed for your site.
  • Style and Size of Your Website - you want (an image heavy website will use up a lot more space than just text and flash).
  • Security - will your web host update their server software regularly enough to combat hackers infecting your site with malware or viruses?
  • Reliability - is your host a reliable and secure company that will stick around? If your host company disappears, what will happen to your website? Make Sure that the company you select to host your site is secure and stable.
  • Cost - how much do you want to spend on hosting? Generally the less expensive the hosting, the less reliable your website will be. Uptime needs to be kept to a maximum, and many hosting companies that look too good to be true, are.
  • Hosted E-Commerce - if you are selection an hosted e-commerce solution, then you generally don't need to worry about security updates and have support around the clock. Ensure that the hosting company that the e-commerce solution use, is reliable.
  • Support - now and then you will need help and want a company that will help you through the technical red tape and jargon so you can get your email and website working the way you want it to as soon as possible.
  • Usability for developers - there are several hosts that are extremely difficult to work with technically and we recommend that our clients use one of the host servers listed below.
Feminine, boutique website designA quick note on cheap hosting... it may seem like a good idea to save money at first, but a few dollars more can mean the difference between a fast, secure and effective site, or a site that simply doesn't work or has excessive down time and security breaches. Choose your hosting wisely and ask the company questions if you aren't sure. An extra few dollars is nothing compared to the downtime costs of lost business due to your site being down all the time.