Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Textile Jewelry

Sometimes as a designer you will be asked to create something that may not be within your comfort zone, and this can be difficult to put into practice because of course we all want to create something that we personally think is beautiful. But what is design is all about? It about pushing the boundaries of design to come up with an idea that no one has thought of and making it a reality and there are a lot of different styles out there to cover. These ideas may come to you at any time, sometimes you will be searching for inspitraion and other times it may be triggered by the smallest thing when you least expect it. Never the less, creative design is something everyone has.

While searching for some insipiration this morning I came across some very interesting design ideas. Some of which were genius, some beautiful and some were just plain weird. To try and keep under the design umberella of Blossom Graphic Design and our own personal style I stumbled across a post on textile jewelry by designer Claudia Stern.

I personally, would probably never wear it, but I can appreciate the creativity and beauty behind it.
I do however love the colour combinations they have used, and sometimes it can be something as small as that to get you in the creative zone. Even if you dont like the design as a whole, you can pick out features that will inspire you to get creative.


Love Abbie xx

 All images via www.trendhunter.com