Saturday, 3 August 2013

Grrrrrrowl - Leo's Are Out in Force This August!

If you've ever crossed paths with a Leo you will very quickly discover that most Leos (yes, the fearless leader of Blossom®, Diane was an August baby) are incredibly strong-willed, fiercely loyal and NOT to be messed with. Leos are proud and protect their own - their family, work, businesses and relationships. 
You will find that a Leo is ever enthusiastic with an outgoing, positive and happy approach to life, and because they are a sun sign they feel naturally born to rule. Di's direct blood lines down to the medieval Royal Families through her maternal line, plus her leonine nature, means she has leadership in the blood.

A Leo will spread sunshine where ever he/she goes, commanding respect and attention, loving and lapping up praise and compliments as their due.

Leos are super high achievers and aim to inspire and fire up others to suceed. Leos use their charismatic nature to guide those around them, offering help and assistance to those in need (and sometimes those not in need). The Leo's genuine heart-felt desire to help, fuels the Leo's naturally generous nature, coupled with that great Leo sense of humour.

The not so good side of the Leo is ego and pride. Leos tend to hog the limelight and forget that others like a little glory too. In a career, corporate and social media sense it can attract a little bitterness and jealousy. If you do find yourself in this situation, remember, if you rub our bellies and give us compliment, you'll fine we are much nicer... and reflected glory isn't so bad is it?

Signed By A Leo.

Photoshoot above:   

Edie Campbell & Karen Elson In 'Atlas the Lion' By Tim Walker For LOVE Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 

Walker makes a house pet out of ‘Atlas the Lion’, who is bored to tears in this opulent couture editorial featuring Edie Campbell and Karen Elson for Love magazine’s fall/winter issue. Katie Grand styles the incongruity. Via