Sunday, 29 December 2013

La Société Parisienne de Savons ornate packaging

At Miss Blossom Design™ we love ornate and beautiful designs, and this is deffinatly one of them.

Designer Daniel Pelavin has used the past as inspiration to design this beautiful packaging for French cosmetic company La Société Parisienne de Savons. The designs were once associated with the owner of the company Stéphane Ouaknine's families company and he had to tracked down their heirs to use them as a creative refernce.

The hard work paid off,  La Société Parisienne de Savons cosmetics have a sweet, ornate and retro design, revamped from old, keeping it within the family.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

All the colours of Christmas

The holiday season is upon us once more, another year gone! 
Each year, Christmas is a great excuse to get creative and playing with colours in a great way to start.
So if your like me and feel like getting creative this year, but need a bit of inspiration to get you started, here it is.

 Not the most traditional colour, but complimented with white, it has a beautiful and femanine feel to it. The pale pink looks almost fairy like, perfect for a girl orientated house! 

Another femanine approach is purple, although purple compliments green a bit more than pink and has a royal feel to it. Purple can be paired with green, silver or blue, or looks just as beautiful on its own. I love the use of the different shades on the tree.

The Christmas colour of the year 2013 is blue, which is beautiful having a very snowy feel to it. It matches us really nicely with silver, giving it that frosty Christmas look.

Maybe you would like to stick to a traditional red this year, it can be paired with gold for a very warm and inviting feeling. I love the over-sized bows on this tree, the more colour the better!

Gold is another traditional Christmas colour. It can be paired with most other colours or looks elegant and beautiful solo. Its a great colour to use if you are most creatively minded as its basically fool-proof. Cant go wrong!

 Green is also a traditional Christmas colour, but only because of the tree, not for its decoration. But I am loving this idea of green on green. Its a very soft approach to decorating your tree as it almost blends into to the tree its self, but give it a nice texture and fullness. 

Maybe not the most used colour, and decorations in this colour may be hard to come across, but if done correctly, orange can be a success as it has the same warm and elegant feeling as gold. The key seems to be minimal. Less is defiantly more in this case.

Probably the most un-traditional colour to use as Christmas, and yellow and green are quite a harsh mix, but below you can see some examples that work. The yellow and white has a very modern feel to it.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

SuiteBlanco Christmas 2013 Collection

The SuiteBlanco Christmas 2013 Collection photoshoot brings us a collection of feminane and elegant styles modeled by Diane Farkhullina.
Styled in minimum accessories, the hair and make up is also kept simple to keep the focus of the shoot on the garments.
From a soft ballerina pink to black with bling, every piece in the collection continues a classy, ladylike style.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tis The Season To Be Beautiful!

As we creep closer to the end of the year, and the Christmas season gets thrown upon us everywhere we go, we start to get ready for the year to come to an end...again.
But something else happens around this time of year I love almost as much... Formal season begins! As I am also a hairdresser I love this time, getting creative away from a computer screen.
I thought i would share some hair tricks I have learnt to help you get inspired to get creative with your style throughout this season and the Christmas season coming up as there are always lots of events and parties on and not everyone has time to go to the hairdressers everytime there is an event to go to!

The first and most important step, is the preperation.
Nearly every hairstyle needs volume. No one wants to walk around with their hair slicked back on their head, its not a good look.
So depending on what style you are going for, when you wash your hair (either the day before, or on the day) make sure you shampoo twise, and only use a light conditioner on your ends (stay away from the roots, and don't use a conditioner that is highly moisturizing this will weigh your hair down).
Towel dry, comb a light amount of smoothing cream to the ends to keep away the frizz and apply a mouse or volume foam to the roots  and work into your hair.
With your hairdryer on a meduim setting, dry your hair with your head upside down. Keep drying upside down until the roots are dry and dry the ends back the right way up, smoothing out the ends with a large barrel brush.
Blowdrying is stretching the hair, so if you are going for a smooth style it is best to stretch the hair with a large barrel brush (the large round one) or paddle brush (the large flat one) to minumize frizz.
If your hair is naturally flat you can use velcro rollers to create extra volume. The way these work is to set the hair, you can not put them in dry/cold hair and expect them to work. To use these, dry your hair, and take a section either side of your part, the width of the roller. Stretching the hair (and angeling forward) roll the roller down till it sits on your head, you can secure this with a bobby pin if it feels like it might fall out.
Use the hair dryer on a low setting so you dont blow all the hair out and heat up the hair on the rollers, making sure you dont over heat (you should still be able to touch them). Leave these in till they are cool (maybe about 10 mins) and take them out, instant volume.

Hair extensions
A lot of people these days wear hair extensions, and these are something that can look amazing but also look terrible if not dont done correctly. Heres a few tips & tricks for hair extensions...

If you are applying clip in extensions, you want them to stay in all night, there is nothing worse then one falling out mid way through the evening. When clipping them in always make sure you have a clean section, it is easiest to do this with a tail comb. Put the extensions up to your head, and see where the clips will sit.  Now take those sections and backcomb and apply a small amount of hairspray where the clip will sit. This gives it something to cling onto, therefore less likely to fall out.
Another big tip is when you are putting your extensions in, make sure you put them far enough down from your part that when your hair moves you cant see the clip underneath. Your natural length of hair acts like a "short layer" so do not put them too high up.

If you are wearing your hair in a high pony tail with extensions in, I apply the bottom ones upside down, this way when you tie your hair up your extensions dont have to flip up the other way and create a bumb in your hair, plus its alot more comfortable! Be careful not to place them too near the hair line or you will be able to see them.

This diagram shows how hair extensions should be placed. From personal experience I would try and avoid putting them any higher than the 2 x 3 clips (just above the ear) otherwise they start to become visable, especialy if you dont have thick hair.

Not every hair style is hard!
If you look through magazines or pinterest at celebrities hairstyles, alot of them look like they would be hard to create, but they really aren't and any hairstyle can look good if you prepare your hair right.
The "messy bun" is a very popular style, and very easy to do yourself.
To do this I would just curl my hair with a ghd or curling wand (if you cant do this, even just scrunch your hair with some mouse while damp and let it dry) and tie into a scruffy bun, and use bobby pins to clip in the bits that look out of place. Pull out some strands in the front and curl these.

Hope these little tips have inspired you to get creative with your hair this holiday season <3

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Register Your Domain Name

What is Domain Registration

Many new Miss Blossom Design clients are confused between the difference between Domain Registration and Web Hosting. Below should help clarify this issue.
In order to have a website, you will need to first register your domain name (e.g. which basically gives you the right to use the name and is a little bit like registering a business name. It is not the same as hosting. It is vital that you keep the records relating to the domain registration safe and you always know who you are registered with, and the registry key of your domain name.

What is A Domain Name?

If you run a female spa salon or boutique oriented business, your domain name is something that you add to business cards, brochures, posters, banners and other collateral (e.g.

What Makes A Good Domain Name?

If you choose a memorable spa salon or boutique domain name it makes you easier to find through Google or the other search engines. A good domain name creates the impression your are an established business and can create trust. The longer a domain name is, the easier it is to get wrong or forget. Try to keep it snappy, short to medium in length and stick with a well known space (e.g. .com, etc). Also selecting a reputable registry is vital.

To dot com or not to dot com...

I tend to encourage using "dot com" if your website markets products or services in US or internationally. Otherwise I recommend the country specific suffix, ".au" for example, if you're marketing in Australia.

K.I.S.S Keep It Simple

You need to take into account the fact that most people type URLs into their browser. Statistics show most sites receive their visitors this way. People do search for new sites using search engines, but once they find the spa salon or boutique site, they remember it. BUT only in the case of simple or easy domain names.
At Blossom we recommend a number of registries or we can take care of it all for you and keep you up to date, registered and have all your spa salon or boutique information at our fingertips.


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