Monday, 10 September 2012

MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection

This insanely must-have-for-the-make-up-maven collection collection is scheduled to be released worldwide October 2012.

The Marilyn has been the inspiration behind many hollywood moment looks. Signature red lips and fluttery lashes  with the cheeky tip of the nose are a key look in this seductive fall collection. 

Eye shadows and blushes have been kept subtle and understated,  pearly pinks and soft corals abound. Muted bases provide the flushed yet fresh glow that made this starlet the woman women wanted to be the woman men wanted. Top off your knockout diva-inspired look with some fierce nail colours.

The star’s iconic look and beauty continues to inspire and influence beauty mavens alike. The MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection is sure to be a hit among junior and senior make up addicts.