Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Theme - Beachy

In Australia, we celebrate Christmas in Summer. The middle of Summer. It is insanely hot, but we are so dedicated to this extravaganza of a holiday that  we go to crazy lengths to replicate an European Christmas, such as cooking hams, turkeys and puddings in sweltering kitchens.

More recently however the trend has been to embrace the summer, and we fill the house with fresh prawns (shrimp), mango, stone fruits and the beloved cherries. Many of us find ourselves on the water or at the beach.

This year my family is heading for a fresh aqua, silver and coastal theme for our Christmas tree. Last year we chose a fallen branch, and spray it silver, and handmade the decorations, mainly sue to budgetary concerns as we were moving house. This year we are getting a gorgeous, big real pine tree to fill the house with scent and pine needles. I'm hunting down starfish, and beach themes ornaments to add to my collection. Below is a cross section of stuff that has inspired me.