Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ornate Oil Branding - Design Intervention

I.C.O.N. India Packaging Exudes Beauty on the Bottle Alone

Nothing is worse for the sale of beauty products as botched branding, while I.C.O.N. India packaging epitomizes the essence of elegance. Sure to seduce consumers with more success than their shelf mates at the shop, these intricately imprinted products show that creativity and care were taken to embellish the outside as well as the inside.

Version-X Design has taken up the brand identity for the broader range of I.C.O.N. salon goods, but this particular line demanded extra attention to stand out.

The essential oil, shampoo and conditioner are dressed in brandy-colored bottles gilded with a warm gold logo, text and accents. From there, intricate East Indian illustrated motifs enhances I.C.O.N. India packaging with gracefully etched lattice patterns on the various burgundy boxes.
I-C-O-N India Packaging Published: Jun 16, 11 • References: version-x and thedieline