Saturday, 2 July 2011

Objects to Desire - Tokyo Milk

I was wandering through my local Department Store and saw the most delightful beauty range -  Tokyo Milk. The packaging was obviously what caught me eye, but the whole brand "story" is so now I just had to share it with you.

It follows the trend of "handmade" looking packaging and web design, which I feel is reflective of our desire for authenticity and objects to be tactile.

The range offers such a variety of product that sell well both in stores and online. It's my theory that anything your don't need to "try on" or touch, and packaging and marketing that is purely visual, will do well online. This range ticks all the boxes. The visual "look" tactile, and create the desire to touch, so the customer HAS to buy them for the full experience. There are good lessons for the new e-tailer there.

The products are generic enough (fragrance,candles, soap, hand cream, body lotions) and priced at a non-prohibitive price point, that they fall beautifully into the chic gift category, and unusual enough to be a fashion forward choice.

The website uses tags and old paper to create a distinctly vintage, collage look. It gives the impression of organic, natural  and scrapbooked. The typography of a vintage typewriter is charmingly simple and chic.

Eden No. 3 Parfum

"A decidedly different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with a vintage image of butterflies."

Marie - Petite Parfum Solide

This charming box fits perfectly in the palm of your hand; decorated with a vintage hand-glittered image of Marie in all of her glory. Slide open the matchbook-style box to reveal a glass pot of Parfum Solide.

Rose with Bees No. 12 Bubble Bath

Peer through the looking glass. A delightful surprise awaits.
Luxurious chattering bubbles boast Extract of Japanese Green Tea, hydrating Avocado and Olive Oils and Vitamin E.
A beautiful balance: Citrus Zest, Rosewood, Mimosa & Mandarin

Dead Sexy Cosmetic Bag

A covetable cosmetic tote to house a delightful world of curiosities. Eclectic imagery will carry you away from the everyday, with glittered paper butterfly tag perched as if ready to take flight. So pretty you’ll want to collect them all!

Let Them Eat Cake Greeting Card

Laid paper frosted with hand-glittered accents. As much a treat to give as it is to receive. Blank inside.

Truth No. 85 Fate and Fortune Collection

Truth: an undeniable force.
Fragrance Notes - Blood Orange, Osmanthus, Crushed Cedar, Sugared Vanilla
Provocatively perfumed. The alchemy of allure. Botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled into this remarkably uncommon sensory experience.
Tokyomilk is a range of brilliantly paired fragrance notes found in the Parfumerie Curiosite, edgy yet evocative sentiments conveyed through the greeting card collection. You will find no end to the delightful surprises hidden within. Step through the looking glass into the world of Tokyomilk.

You can purchase this gorgeous range below: