Monday, 10 January 2011

New Work by Shannon Crees

I've posted some of Shannon's work before, but she keeps coming up with new work. My husband photographs the work, so she can create limited edition art prints, which are available through her gallery, or you can buy the originals. I have one of her painting and they are just exquisite "in person". 

Shannon's background training and life experience is in fashion, painting, illustration and grafitti and she blends them to create something magical. Currently Shannon is also working as an illustrator is collaboration with Blossom to create a digital charactor illustration for one of my clients. She is creating the character in pencil and I am creating the digital version of the lady once she is visualised. A bit like colouring in, but an art in itself. It's an exciting project and quite different for Blossom.

Above - The lovely Shannon Crees in her studio.
All work above ©2011 Shannon Crees.

To purchase Shannon's work or view the others, go to her site at