Saturday, 11 December 2010

Blossom Graphic Design Pty Ltd New Brand Launch

Blossom Graphic Design Pty Ltd has decided to have a facelift - the old facade was a bit saggy and needed some TLC and a renovation. Web and graphic design trends over the past 12 months have changed and we wanted to reflect this change and hopefully work with existing and new clients who want to move forward with a modern and fresh approach to testosterone free design.

There are so many sites using cliched approaches to femininity (tufted, damask, shabby chic - and yes we love it too, but it has lost its sparkle now that everyone's doing it - frankly to stand out as a feminine business you need to be ahead of the trends, not immersed in them). We felt it was time to evolve from this, and create an image that was more sophisticated, and really more relective of Diane Kennedy's own style, which is pretty with a modern edge. We do "girly" but we also love a bit of an edge to it. Blossom wants the world to know that we are typographic trainspotters, and absolutely obessive about colour trends. We don't follow trends, we start them.

You'll note that our background is a derivative of our old tufted blue satin header, with the transparent swirls, and our logo typeface is the same, except we have created our heart from the 2 "s"'s which is a kind of boob, bottom, corset type of symbol, and pretty much sums up the kind of businesses to whom we cater. The colour of the blue is our former colour, revamped with the addition with a slight variation on Pantone ® Colour of the Year in "Honeysuckle", which is not quite red, pink or orange. Pantone released its colour of the year: Honeysuckle, a reddish pink that evokes confidence and optimism. We had a hunch in our office that the colour of the year was going to be a shade of pink, but we are kind of over pink. The pretty hue is all over the spring/summer 2011 fashion catwalks and the colour world has been buzzing about the hot hue for some time.

We did this over the past 6 months, as a way to differentiate us from the many "girly" designers out there. We felt that the look we conveyed previously had been done to death, and although was original when we first did it, now looked dated and had been copied so many times it was time to simplify to the brands elements and focus on a more minimal approach, a core logo rather than a theme and a set of colours that reflected the current trends in fashion, print, web and so on.

Blossom does so much more than most of the so called "boutique" design sites around, we felt it was time to lift the stakes a little higher, carve a higher end niche in the market of feminine marketing and design.

Our goals are to provide the best solution for our clients, to not cut corners, to be transparent and open with costings and products, as well as to be selective about the work we take on.

So, without further ado, here is the new Blossom Graphic Design web design and brand. We still have a way to go with our slick portfolio creation and fine tuning content and copy, but it was ready enough to get up there and show you where we are headed into 2011.

Visit the all new, cleaner, and more modern Blossom Graphic Design (mind your step, we still have a few things to tidy up).