Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rebirth of Cool - Old School Vinyl Makes a Come Back

The search for authenticity in a world of digital perfect, is leading the trends back to paper, pens, and even vinyl records. There's something soothing and reassuring about the sound that vinyl produces, and the tactile quality of a vinyl record that allows us to get in touch with the music and somehow feel closer to it source. Manly artists are releasing limited edition collections on vinyl, as seen below.

"It's said that evidence of blind love is knowing the limitations of the object of your love and accepting them as it vinyl or anything else. Humans are analogue beings. We are a rich tapestry of everthing that has got us to this point, not a combination of one's and zero's. Vinyl is about context, history, music with a story. A vinyl record is fragile and does need to be looked after, respected if you like. So much of vinyl is "music as object". CD's just don't last , Mp3's are this untouchable, intangible entity that you cant hold in your hand and you can get for free. Makes it pretty hard to charge for. Anyway.......... who will remember their first download?"  

Quote from  From Andy Cuddihy-Managing Director, Vinyl Factory Australia 

Sarah Blasko (image from Vinyl Factory)



Rega P3 24 -Blue

Rega P3 24 - Pink

Rega P3 24 -Swatches
Rega P3 24 -Lime

Rega P3 24 -Red

Rega P3 24 -Lemon Yellow
Above colour coded turntables available from

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