Saturday, 9 October 2010

Temporary Tattoo Trend

Beyonce's temporary tats will be available November 1 for $16 at Sephora stores, and

For  $75 you can purchase a set of 55 Chanel temporary tattoos. Cheaper than a pair of sunglasses or some shoes. Nice little money spinner.

Betsey Johnson's offering is just bling heaven, and I am loving the result above.

For those of us too chicken to get inked permanently, there is a solution that will have you looking rock and roll, without the pain and regret of a real tattoo (or as my neighbour put it, "tramp stamp" - I don't agree but giggled anyway).

Beyonce, Chanel and Betsey Johnson have all added these temporary cool body artworks to their lines.

Personally I love a gorgeous tattoo, I just know how fickle I am visually and what I adore this week will be passe IMO next week, so I have avoided the tattoo parlour thus far.