Friday, 8 October 2010

Paul and Joe Lipstick - Adorable!

I have to say I love the concept fo this cat on the lipstick itself. For so long the plain old bullet have ruled the roost, but now Paul and Joe have shaken things up a bit. I love the non-concentional approach to the paper, varietal packaging, and am also seeing a mini trend with swans. Yes, it was humming birds but now it is swans.

Available from Paul and Joe and their stockists.

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS N 101 Invitation .11 ozPaul & Joe Lipstick CS N 055 Sakura BonBon .11 ozLimited Edition Lipstick S Morocco (003) 4 g by Paul & JoePaul & Joe Lipstick CS N 301 R.S.V.P .11oz