Thursday, 26 August 2010

Strumpet and Pink Lingerie - Her Rich Attire Creeps Rustling to her Knees

I'm intrigued and fascinated by the marketing of this brand. It's so simple and carefully edited. The products themselves are divine and really need very little to promote them, except a great bottom underneath. The vintage "unfinished" and deconstructed styling of the range is simply beautiful and bang on trend.

A seductive and glamorous approach to lingerie marketing too. The models are not retouched, rounded, and ivory skinned, with a voyeuristic, anonymous feel - you can't tell who the model is, so the product and the beautiful, fair skinned behind, becomes the heroine.

 Key Lime
Garden of Delights
 Bow Peep
 Hunting Through The Ruffles
Black Swan
Garden of Delights
Dress Shirt
Rosette Cheeks

Strumpet & Pink, founded in 2002 by Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie Probert, focus on limited-edition handmade knickers, using pure silk, satin, chiffon, and crepe. Morgan and Probert say of their creations (source The Lingerie Post): “Our prime concern; how does a woman actually feel when she wears one of our creations. It is this experience that makes our knickers beautiful. Strumpet & Pink achieve this by embodying the sensibilities of the flower i.e beauty, fragility, sexuality and joy and combining these with the sensuous qualities of pure silk crepe, satin, chiffon and tulle. The knickers are cut on the bias in such a way as to trace and disclose the contours of the female form. Our knickers brim with contradictions; they feel beautiful, sensuous, humorous, naïve, sexual, confident and playful. Each pair holds a discovery…”

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  1. I love all these!
    Great for boudoir shoots!!!