Monday, 12 April 2010

Vintage Bling - The New Black

I've been getting so many requests from my clients and potential clients for vintage sparkles, jewels and bling. There is and has been steadily growing, pushed to the fore by movies such as Alice in Wonderland, a cross media trend in vintage bling. Now, I am not taking about hot pink or gangsta bling, but undiscovered treasure chests, grandma's jewellery box, jewel ensrusted frames with chipped paint, faded whites with diamonds, bedazzled shoes, sequinned fabric, with worn areas.

The back to glamour trend reminds us of a showgirl's "before" costume, a la "Gypsy Rose Lee", that has been in the wordrobe for a hundred years in a dusty attic.

The fashion trend involves frayed edged tulle, interiors directions incorporate aged but quality chandeliers and neo victoriana. In graphic design and web design, artists are using traditional media, such as actually drawing with a pencil, photography that looks like film or better, toy cameras, to create stunning tactile sites and printed material.

Everything sparkles, twinkles and gleams. Logos, websites and brochures are bursting off the page in dimension, treatments, backgrounds,texture, collage, jewels, lace and bows. Image libraries are getting bigger and bigger, full of eclectic tidbits "that might come in handy".  I find broken thinks on the grow and keep it "just in case. This current trend appears to the magpie in some designers.

Images From Harpers Bazaar Australia April 2010 (fantastic edition this month - I had to buy 2, one for tearing up, one for the shelf).

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