Monday, 15 March 2010

Getting "Real" - Communicating With Heart

Technology is fantastic. I love the internet, I love email and I love being able to access the world in a virtual capacity. I feel however that we are missing the "real" or tactile world. Photos are digital, who these days actually gets all their photos printed? I leave my families visual memories on my hard drive, where they sit, collecting virtual dust.

When was the last time you wrote a letter? I mean an actual letter, that you put a stamp on (and I am not talking about paying bills or writing business letters). I am referring to a letter that is full of news, emotions and love. When I was a child I have many stationery sets, and I used to write to my mum, grandparents and friends on it. The stationery always had matching envelopes and was a joy to write on and even more a joy to receive.

In my capacity as a designer, I've noticed a trend towards "real" looking collage, vintage postcards, fabrics, lace and textures that give a flat surface a 3d effect. My feeling is that there is a deep desire for something to hold onto in this digital world, a nostalgic look back at simpler, more hands on times, when the pace was a little slower and everything was a little more "doable".

(Above - Paper Doll Parade Note cards available at Pulp Creative Paper) 

One way that you can really stand out today is by sending an actual note to someone. Next time, instead of sending an impersonal, hastily typed message and clicking "send", pull out the beautifully crafted stationery set, a nice pen and in your best handwriting, communicate with authenticity.

 Above - Butterfly Collection from Elum

 Juicy Note Cards From Luella Press

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