Thursday, 4 March 2010

Beverage Packaging with Feminine Appeal

Vintage pin-up girls lasciviously snuggle around bottles of Schweppes’
Limited Edition Collection.

Authentic, rarely-seen pin-up muses hailing from the 1920s to the 1950s. Created in collaboration with Australian-based design agency DiDonato, this limited series is one of two ranges released by Schweppes in honor of its chic heritage and sophisticated past. The Fashion Range, developed exclusively by fashion designer Toni Maticevski, gives a contemporary nod to an old-school approach echoes style and spirit.
The luxurious “Cuties” have a stylish, sophisticated packaging, designed to appeal to women.
Hand-lettered pack­ag­ing for the Belvoir Fruit Farms range of cor­dials andmixes. The typog­ra­phy, color palette, and slightly worn look of the labels gives this prod­uct line a hand­made look while still being elegant. Would appeal to the Gwenyth's of the world.
Absolut creates "must-haves", collectable bottles in drop dead gorgeous, pick-me colours that scream fashionista and glamorous style.

 Above - the fruit family of Absolut. The coolest packaging on the block. Looks pure, fresh and chic.

In fine tradition, Absolut cements it's marketing handprint in LA.
If you want to move your clients emotionally, this, ladies and gentlemen is how you do it.
 Cute fashion oriented, textural beverage packaging.
360 Vodka, offers a Grolsch-like top, cleverly encouraging drinkers to hang on to their bottles. Great for a night out, you can refill it with water from the tap.
Grover's Daughter Valentine Vodka comes with a chocolate.
Some vodka is packaged like high-end fragrance. Urban styling with "shabby chic" appeal.
Marilyn Monroe would have approved I suspect.
Take a close look at these intricate necks. It's all in the detail.
Girl by Necker - specifically tailored to women, Young women, or women who want to be young.
LoveJoy vodka by ID Branding. Four patterned colour with endless possibilities to introduce new designs.
Slim, sexy chic.
Bottles that taper toward the base, a little like a fashion illustration. 
Bold, fashion forward colour and a gestural typographic style.

A family of flavours.
Pretty packaging that follows the rococco swirl trend.

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