Sunday, 28 February 2010

Illustrator izumi nogawa

Vintage Magazine Cover Inspiration

Marion Davies Screenland April 1930 Magazine Cover Photo. Look at that sheen in the legs, and the teensie feet in white satin slippers, with the puff ball boa. Sitting in a cloud.

Vogue, 1926 Artist: Eduardo Garcia Benito. What a masthead and the butterfly is heavenly!

Life Magazine, October 9, 1913 Artist: R.M. Crosby. Absolutely inspired by the soft colours in this.

Vogue Magazine, April 1918 - Tres chic

Vanity Fair Magazine, July 1916

Eyeful Magazine by pin-up artist Peter Driben. Do I need to explain why this made the grade on this page? Great illustration, typography and funny title.

Charm Magazine, July 1947. Love the layout, and the ladylike innocence of this cover.

Pictorial Review Magazine Artist: Earl Christy. I included this one because of the softness of the cheeks and ornamental head dress, as well as that delightful pink and orange colour in the feathers.

Harpers Bazaar Magazine - not sure of the year, but a great shot and layout.
V Magazine September 1948 - Love the tomato red with the knocked back saturation of the model.

Solid Gold Design For Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics 24kt Collection offers some gilt-y eye catching bling, to add to the shopping lists of all true make up mavens.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Beauty and Health Packaging Round Up

 Love the Pin-stripes - so appropriate for a men's line. Lovely typography and subtle use of colour. Very well done Gessato.
Not only beautiful product photography, but another exquisite Guerlain piece.

Took me a little while to "get this" but love it. So elegant.
Again, Kat Von D's stunning Tattoo based range. So cool.

Kat Von D Again...
Super chic skincare packaging. So clean and well considered by Malgosia Valie.

I love the clean, almost hand done, lines of the logo in contrasted with the careful typography.
A little out of place in this line up but worthy of a mention,due to the fabulous use of colour on the labels and great container colour from Innisfree.
and the clean lines of the boxes tie everything in nicely.

All images courtesy of the Dieline which is a fantastic resource for packaging inspiration.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Sweetiepie Restaurant

19 Greenwich Ave (between Christopher and 10th), New York, NY, 10014
(Need I say anything else - Di)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A refreshing piece of design

 12 Bridges Gin, Trillium Absinthe Supérieure and Lovejoy Vodka. It's amazing how similar beauty, fashion and alcohol packaging get sometimes. From Integrity Spirits.

Writing original content

It is really really important for website owners to come up with original ideas and content. I designed a site for The Powder Room in Brisbane, and we have worked really hard one the SEO and the content to fine tune it to perfection. Karen, the business owner, has poured so much energy and talent into her site, there were always going to be some people drawing inspiration, and that's fine. What is NOT cool is copying the text and shuffling one or two adjectives and words around, especially when you are in the same industry in the same country, and claiming it is your own.

  The Original Powder Room (above)

and the remarkably similar content below on another bridal make up artist site. Originally The Powder Room had "Top 10 Reasons to Book with the Powder Room" as the heading but has since altered their content to remain unique). Read the copy above and below... very interesting how people think by changing a few words and adjectives no one will notice.

I've pulled the header off, even though it too is remarkable similar, as I didn't want to give this particular business any undeserved publicity from my post


Below - The Powder Room Promise (was The Powder Room Guarantee - but  had to change the content wording to remain original from the apparent plagiarists).

Again below - the other bridal hair and make up artists "Guarantee" - read the text and see just hown similar this is.

If you are building a site and think that copying someone's content is fine, think again. It's not OK, it's disrespectful and hurts your own business more than the business that you are copying. More than anything you will really upset the original content creator, and cause a lot of stress and frustration. Not good karma at all. and certainly not a good way to start your business off on the right foot.

Snap! Avon's "New Look" cosmetics packaging...

Chanel's classic cosmetics packaging
Avon's New Look Packaging.

A company that can afford to have a top Hollywood beauty as the face of their brand might also want to look at designing some original packaging. Chanel have had the same packaging for years and it is iconic and classically Chanel - just wondering what Avon's product developers are thinking? What... no one will notice? 

Maybe they didn't notice that the packaging was the same... 
 Avon (above) and Chanel (below)