Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pink It and Shrink It - The New Fiat

OK I admit it, I do like pink. Is this just a case of shrink and pink or is it really catering to a market? I suspect it would appeal to most wannabe fashionistas - although maybe not the very chic.
Personally I would feel as little like I was working for Mary K Cosmetics, but it is cute - for a 16 year old at heart. The target market is young (minded), emotive when purchasing and concerned more about surface than substance.
Not sure about the dodgy guy painting the car with nail polish, I think this was a guy's creative idea, but I could be wrong. If I could choose who painted my car with nail polish I would probably get a female nail tech without a smarmy look on his face to do it. : ) or maybe that's just me.
Still it's a pretty nice pink, although for me, if I was to go for a pink car, I would probably want something in a 50's pale pink like Pantone 691.
Guys cannot apply nail polish, and this guy looks a bit dodgy.
You can visit the site at: http://www.fiat.co.uk

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