Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Natural Cosmetics Inspiration

I love this subtle colour palette, and bleek, bold black. Very dreamy. Reminds me of Narnia...

As usual - Bloom is a source of inspiration for colour. This feels like spring to me which is a happy association. I like the idea of falling petals and breeze.

 Key Chain Kiss by Bare Escentuals
This company and changed it's whole look recently and are starting to look a LOT like Too Faced. It's not that I don't like it, on the contrary, I like it, and it's definitely on trend, its just such a diverse change. Rather than heading down the soft and natural direction, they've gone all sexy and opulent with a boudoir feel.

Looks like ID managing escape the dreary same-ness that all the mineral companies have - you know, the minimal packaging with clean, default packaging. Yes it is cost effective for start ups with small minimums and budgets, but if it will just look like every other new brand what is the point? I think to succeed in this ridiculously saturated market you'll need to do a lot more than just put a logo on a jar of dirt. Packaging and the "look" of the product, as well as the brand personality what will be the major factor in a successful mineral make up brand.

ID have also introduced Buxom which is illustrated by none other that Neryl Walker (Miss Bloom illustrator) which is really playful, a bit naughty and a bit burlesque.

Also found this brand which I hadn't heard of until today. Stript Mineral Make Up is similarly sexy looking and quite cute for a mineral brand. The pink and black trend is lasting a while... I prefer for minerals chocolate or warm grey instead of black I think - just something different.

face boutique chose a fashion design company, Michael Nash Associates, and illustrator, Stina Persson  for their packaging. Products are biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. I love the fact that there isn't anything else like this around. They've spent a little bit but it's worth it and makes me what it on my bathroom bench.

 Thank you to the dieline for this image, which I posted because of the colours. I think that chocolate works really well in this case and it's started me thinking about the project that I am researching.

Jurlique is a good mix of that clean (and sometimes boring) skincare packaging that natural lines do, but stops short of being dull and results in being classical with some pretty graphics and injections of a little bit of colour.

Visit Jurlique to see the full range.

Paul and Joe, which I've shown before, but it deserves a nod here.

Pai Skincare is a made by hand in London and I like the simple graphic approach to the packaging.

Beautao Botanicals is created by Dermapeutics with packaging that's colour coded to match the ingredients. Love it.

OK I am seeing a trend emerging for myself this morning - and this completes it. I love aqua today - that's IT! Loving aqua and chocolate for the project I am working on... Bye gotta go and design.

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