Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In Love With The Site/Designer's Work

I was doing my usual browsing around to keep my design juices flowing, and came upon a gorgeous site with some really lovely and delicate pen work. Personally I gave up my Rotring years ago, I think design school all but killed my love of ink. A meglomaniacal Swiss typography drill sergeant, er, I mean tutor, who never got over his single successful logo design, and a menopausal right-handed calligraphy torturer, oops, tutor who thought left-handedness was a choice, didn't help either.

Looking at this gorgeous work below however restores my faith that ink can be beautiful, fun and playful, because it's creator Daren Newman looks like he loves what he is doing. The simple graphic quality and restrained delicacy all mix to reveal someone with a lot "going on" inside his head and fabulous sense of composition to boot.

Check out the amazing Me&MyPen by Daren Newman and truly get inspired.

©2009 Darren Newman. All worldwide rights reserved.

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