Friday, 6 November 2009

Random Musings...

These were never used, as the company changes the name due to trademark issues, but I wanted to share them as I loved the bright colours and felt that it would work well in a retail context and stand out from the pack.

This was the starting point for a logo and identity. As you can see I play with a lot of random ideas before the client sees the final concepts.

Above you can see the logo that was finally decided on, and this was a website concept that didn't see the light of day that I love anyway. Below is another style we played around with.

As this is just a concept it doesn't show the interactivity that was planned but I still like the vintage yet modern feel and the romantic, french, antique chic vibe.
This was a bridal couture logo that was rejected, but again, I like to show things that may not make it through as often they are more reflective of my style than the finished product (of course, as they needs to meet their specific taste, market and style).

Above some initial ideas for a beauty salon I was working on recently.

When working on a project I will often take a couple of directions, just to make sure I cover all bases.
Below I have show some working sketches to give you an idea of how digital illustrations take shape.
Faces need lots of detail so I tend to do these larger and shrink down and tend to be a bit more generic with the rest of the body (it's all in the pose with the body).


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