Monday, 30 November 2009

Juicy Couture Inspiration

A fantastic example of a brand that understands how to sell a lifestyle. When you launch a brand, many new entrepreneurs focus on the product. While quality, bang for buck and saleability is vital, you also need to consider the value of marketing a lifestyle. In the case of Juicy, it's a carefree, a-list, relaxed yet glamorous LA lifestyle, so all the products bearing the Juicy name are infused with this.

You aren't just buying a bag, pair of undies, or charm, you are becoming hip, fun and give off the LA vibe.
The founders are an example of living their brand. They call each other "Fluffy," and can take much of the credit for bringing L.A.'s casual chic to the rest of the world.

Juicy clothes are relaxed, tongue planted firmly in cheek, and a little bit more expensive that they should be. Which is what makes them desirable to the LA wannabes. Customers want to be celebrities or at least look like them. And theycan't get enough. Accessories, even lollypops and prams, are selling like hotcakes, and as the founders put it "Our customers love collecting "stuff" and we give them more "stuff"..."

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