Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Illustrators with style

Neryl Walker
This Australian based illustrator and artist is truly one of my favourite. Her work is lively, original and energetic and she is a consummate professional.



Pick the fake?... the one one the left is the original illustration for Bloom Cosmetics by Neryl Walker, and the illustration on the right is by boutique design firm in Australia. Your thoughts?

Visit the illustrator Neryl Walker's Site for total inspiration, but not too much.

Mabel Forsythe at Pink Pig Illustration

Visit her site for a full portfolio or her royalty free stuff at istock.com

Charmaine D'Silva

Globetrotting Toronto artist, Charmaine D'Silva’s whimsical feminine paintings focus on women in a unique way.

She explores fashion and social expression and takes the traditional medium to a cheeky yet chic new place! Her passion for fashion, glamour and illustration are reflective in all her work.

Despite having an intense science background, her strong ties to art and fashion brought her right back to her true love: painting.

Fashionistas and fashion mags are her favorite subjects and she absolutely adores fashion blogs! A prolific artist, Charmaine is currently co-writing and illustrating a book for tweens while working on commissions and personal work.

Her artwork has appeared in galleries and shows around the country and can also be seen in homes all over the world!  

Visit her delightfully original site...

Michelle Preast
If you are on a restricted budget, them royalty free can be a good way to go. Michelle Preast does both royalty free and commissioned work.

I've been looking for a whimsical illustrator to commission for a nice project this week, and have made up a collection of incredible people creating beautiful images in the girly illustrative style I need.

With so many creative and gifted illustrators online it can be really hard to decide who is best for the job. Often price is the determining factor, but style, passion and usage rights are also really relevant. When you commission an illustrator you need to ensure that you know what your usage rights are and ascertain how long and how you can use the illustration. A contract or even an email with everything in writing is a good way to ensure that you are both on the same page.

Commissioned work is idea if you are prepared to invest in an original artwork that will be the face or image of your advertising, packaging and/or branding. No one else will have it, it won't be used for any competitor work and while the style can be emulated, you are much more original and protected visually. Think about "Miss Bloom" for Bloom Cosmetics by Neryl Walker. Many copied the style but it was specifically created for Bloom.

A commissioned work means that an illustrator gives you exactly what you want, in their style (most are pretty distinctive) and generally you are the only one that can use it, although this is negotiable and if you image is going to end up being the face or personality of you company or brand it needs to be factored into the initial price.

Many small businesses like to use royalty free images, as they are very cost effective. The downside to royalty free work for the client is that anyone can use it, and generally with the good people's work you'll see it everywhere. A  recent issue that I heard of was that of a make up artist who had a royalty free image for her business card and web site, and then found a cold sore treatment had also used the same image for their massive advertising campaign. You aren't really protected in that way from associations that aren't flattering and...your competition can also download and use the same image.

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