Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Coral Coloured Inspiration

Michael Kors Fragrance
Designed by Chad Lavigne, LLC for Michael Kors' new fragrance, Very Hollywood: "The fragrance name is "Very Hollywood". The concept for the fragrance was hollywood red carpet. We took it a step further and made it "young" hollywood. Dropped the dusty red and replaced with the coral color. The bottle has divets in the glass that were inspired by the paparazzi flashes on the red carpet with a typography linked to Beverly Hills."

A lively and playful coral creation from Beau Ideal Editions: "Doily patterns hand silk screened on large sheets of paper, then cut down to make flat note cards. Where is Coral Gables? It's a city in Miami, FL where I'm from. That wonderful coral color reminds me of being home..." For more info or to purchase, please see Beau Ideal Editions  Etsy shop!

Sugar River Stationers: Elegant two-color letterpress wedding invitation set features a contemporary, oriental flavoured peony design.

Floral arrangmenet in Kate Spade vase. Or if you prefer (below) Martha Stewart Coral Peonies

L’Oreal Produits de Luxe International: the fragrance from Cacharel – Scarlett. Like her famous O’Hara namesake, Cacharel’s Scarlett “expresses the possibility of being an exceptional woman in difficult times, without renouncing the coquettish frivolity which is part of her charm”.

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