Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas/Holiday Card Design

Red Bean Design  - This is not strictly a holiday card but the deer motif makes it an alternative to the norm of red and green with gold. Fawn Notecards

 Tracy Chong Etsy - Snow Crystal Pop Up Card

A Beautiful X’mas Is What You Make Of It , a collaboration between designer Jonathan Yuen and B.G. Tan. contains a deck of four cardshoused in a custom designed package. Pieces from each card can be plucked out to form reindeer, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree and even a snowman. The cards are deliberately designed as a blank canvas, to encourage the recipients to use their imagination and creativity to personalise it.

made with recycled paper and soy-based inks

printed on 100% recycled paper, 30% post consumer

Partridge in a Pear tree card by Byvik Ink.

Printed with soy-based inks on 100% post consumer recycled, Green Seal & FSC certified paper, manufactured with Green-e certified renewable wind generated electricity and chlorine free
Pancake & Franks, designed in chic, minimalist style with line drawn images, stylised natural elements, abstract suggestions. Pictured above (clockwise from top left) are their antler, pine needle, pomegranate, and menorah holiday cards.

Here's one for the designer geeks. From the UK Telegraph

Kate Spade "Hope Peace Cookies" at


For something more bright and modern check out Etsy seller LookyLoo
 Hannukah Card by Byvik Ink.
Etsy seller armatodesign created these traditional but modern letterpress cards.

A contemporary yet retro feel with a typographical solution from  Ink and Iron

 Vintage Floral Card from
1937 corporate Christmas card from Disney.


  1. Good to see such original Christmas card designs.
    (especially the 'A beautiful Xmas is what you make of it' lovely)

  2. I know this is an old post, but the blue and green Hannukah card with the menorah and the Partridge in a Pear tree card were both done by Byvik Ink. Could you fix this when you get a chance? thanks!

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