Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas at Pulp Creative Paper

 Blossom loves the tasteful side of Christmas. Personally I'd do away with the plastic ornaments, tress and tack-o-rama and mass consumerism in favour of friends and family coming together to eat drink and be merry. I also love entertaining with style, so it is a perfect occasion for that. Deer, vintage santas, and the spirit of a winter celebration, ironically in Summer here in Australia, lend themselves to the stylisation of the elements, in a natural, beachy, or summer setting in washed out 50's hues.

Pulp Creative Paper, just a stone's throw from my home is a delightfully chic paper boutique. Since 2000 when Pulp first opened its doors, it has bloomed into a a treasure trove for paper fashionistas and for those who just can't help but be drawn into the beautiful, colourful and creative space. Visit the new store at: 294 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW 2093 or go to:

Wood floral deer - Clean, simple and very stylish these nordic deers don't shout Christmas at all! And best of all they look fantastic hanging from one of Pulp's plywood pear trees...

Partridge Avent Calender - A perfect advent calender, with 25 pockets (obviously?) to put in what you please, secret notes from santa fairies, paper snowflakes or the good old chocolate treat.
Felt dove wreath - Beautiful fire engine red christmas wreath. Surprisingly stong and perfect for any entry.

Vintage Christmas Stickers - Cavallini's decorative tin containing more than 100 stickers, all featuring vintage Christmas greetings and images. Decorate your cards and gifts to make a lasting impression.

Deer head - These simple, very nordic wall hangings look great all year round. Just so they're not lonely, get him a friend. 

Paper Treasure Tree

Little Paper Lanterns
Make your own fairytale with these little lanterns from Jurianne Matter!

Paper Angels - Paper-folding angels by Jurianne Matter!  These angels work as joyful messengers. In the heart on their front is space for a name, a kind word or just a friendly greeting - longer messages can be written on the back of their colourful dress.

 Snowflake or Christmas Tree Card

Metal White Heart Deco - So sweet, these metal hearts are lovely all year round. Painted white both sides with laser cut stars bursting all around.

Klara birds set of 3 - Give your christmas some delicious indian colour this year. Klara birds are made from felt and stuffed. They are beaded and hand stitched and have delicate little bells for feet... too cute.
Spring bird/dove Card
Give a card that will stand out from the rest.

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