Friday, 30 October 2009

Trend Alert - Pink with Chocolate

OK it's been around for a little while but it's starting to beat pink and black hands down in the girly design stakes. It's softer, more organic looking and so much prettier, and less "overt" than pink and black.

Loving the vintage shoe combo with stitching and wooden stripes
- the mind is racing with possibilities for designs. By Nanette Lapore

Pink and Brown Tote from

Add in some pale mint green and voila, baby's room is soft, warm and lovely.

Pink and chocolate cupcakes.

MasterpiecesOfFunArt's  More Pink and Chocolate Brown Felt Flower Clippies

Vintage chaise/sofa
Vintage fragrance packaging

Palest pink and brown - less obvious that with the bright pink.
Another vintage cup and saucer - endless joy...I really admire the decoration around the cup and saucer border.

A vintage pink frock with chocolate shoes makes a statement

Fancy some flat top 80's inspired sunnies?

Soft and romantic.

Baby decor.


Absolutely Gorgeous Logo

Organic Rosehip Oil by Absolutely Gorgeous

Spa Salon Greeting Card - Embossed -   by spacards

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