Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mood Board Inspiration

A collection of my thoughts and inspiration for the day, as I put together proposals and concepts for clients. I need to take time out sometimes to collate my thoughts, inspire myself and get going.

Many people think designers can pull ideas out of the air, which, in a sense we do, but without input there is no output (a little like a recipe - no ingredients, no meal). I find if I immerse myself in gorgeous things, then everything I design reflects those things. That's why my environment, clothing, style is all related to what I do for a living. It's about living with authenticity and integrating all aspects of my life together, so that the design I create is a true reflection of my taste, passions and style. Luckily clients seem to like it!

I was researching images for flowers for a logo design, very gorgeous and here are some references I've used as a starting point...



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