Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Colour Trends for 2009/2010

My colour inspiration above is creeping into a lot of my work. This season I am totally in love with washed out faded 50's colours, well actually, not just this season, but since I can remember I have be enamoured with these shades. Splice mushroom and washed out eggplant with coral, green, and aqua, and it's a gorgeous combination of gentle feminine but chic and unpredictable result.

If you look at My Brood you can  see that I have used these colours.

I'm also loving green and aqu together as weel, as I move into spring in my part of the world, as is show below from Channel 4's Trend Watch

Found this lovely Patons knitting pattern from the 1950's which is just lovely as a colour palette from which to draw inspiration...

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